Rae Dunn

***I will continue to sell small batches sporadically at the request of my frequent customers. Most items will solely be holiday items or other hard-to-find items. You can sign up for email notifications by visiting the home page to my website and entering your info in the pop-up.***

All items are brand new and never used, but as with all Rae Dunn, there may be slight imperfections in the design of each item and they may differ from each other. My prices are comparable with the lowest and average sale prices as well as availability on eBay and other sites. I do collect a few things and I also collect for a few friends, so what is listed is what none of us need. I understand lots of collectors have a negative opinion of "up-sellers", but I am here to try and provide hard to find Rae Dunn for those who are desperately in search of certain items or do not live near the TJX stores or have the time to hunt.

Shipping is costly for fragile items. The shipping covers packaging - which sometimes includes boxes - but always includes bubble wrap and packing paper. It also covers additional insurance, if necessary. I try not to make a profit off of shipping. Sometimes I even go under on it. I do my best to package items very well to ensure that it has the best possible chance at arriving whole. However, I do not have control over how it is handled during shipping. Sometimes items arrive broken. It happens. Luckily, insurance is available and you can easily file it online if this happens to you as I provide you with an invoice and tracking info.

Please consider that I take lots of time to hunt, gas for hunting and time to photograph and list these items. It's a lot of work and I enjoy it. Please remember this when you see prices that you might not agree with. Rae Dunn items are becoming collectibles, which means when the demand is high and supply is low, prices will increase.

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